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CardCapital Sortiment

Sell your graded & ungraded cards and OVP products

Benefit from high purchase rates and low sales fees at auctions.


Which items can I submit for the auction?

Only OVP items and graded cards from established grading companies (e.g. PSA, BGS, AOG, GSG, etc.) can be submitted for auction.

Can I set a starting price for the auction?

We want to speak to you too! Contact us with any questions, concerns, or feedback. We will be sure to get back to you within 48 hours. However, please note that inquiries sent on Fridays will receive a reply the following Monday, but possibly sooner.

When does the auction start and end?

Your cards are auctioned off through weekly auctions.

These are released on Mondays and end every Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

How long does it take for my cards to be released for auction?

Processing time is 1-2 days.

All cards will be released for the next possible auction.

Can an auction be canceled at my request?

No, auctions cannot be canceled after they have been published.

What happens to my item if a buyer defaults?

According to our auction conditions, buyers undertake to make payment within 48 hours.

If a buyer still defaults on paying their invoice, your item will, at our discretion, either be sold to the next highest bidder or be re-listed in the auction.

If the item needs to be included in the auction again, it will be included in the next possible weekly auction.

When will my payment be made?

Your payment will be made via bank transfer 14 days after the auction closes. You will also receive a credit receipt by email.

Verkaufsgebühren Auktionen

Verkaufsgebühren Auktionen

Verkaufspreis Gebühren Sie erhalten
1€ - 999€ 15% 85%
1.000€ - 4.999€ 13% 87%
ab 5.000€ 10% 90%


Which cards can I sell to CardCapital?

Basically, we buy all cards that meet the following criteria:

• The market value of each card is at least €5
• The card is undamaged and shows no signs of wear, such as whitening, dents, dirt or anything similar.

Languages: German, English, Japanese.

How does the ticket purchase process work?

1. Send request
Use the sales form area to send us an inquiry.

2. Check offer
We will check your request and then make you an offer. The offer is free and there are no fees.

3. Send in cards
If you agree with the offer, you can confirm it and send in your tickets.

How is the value of my cards determined?

To determine the value of a card, we check the latest sales prices from global online marketplaces.

What happens if a damaged card is submitted?

Our offer is calculated based on undamaged cards. If a damaged card is accidentally submitted, we will inform you.

There are then 2 options you can choose between:

1. We will return the damaged card to you.
2. We make a fair cut in the offer.

How do I pack my cards securely?

To avoid damage during transport, you should pack your cards as follows:

Card Sleeves
Use a soft sleeve for each card to protect it from scratches and dirt.

Toploader (stable plastic cases)
For more valuable cards, it is recommended to use top loaders to protect them from bends and impacts.

Bundle larger amounts of cards
If a large number of cards are to be sent, it is advisable to bundle them together. Bubble wrap or newspaper are suitable for this.

Packing & Shipping
Bubble bags or shipping boxes are suitable as packaging. More expensive cards should always be sent insured.

When and how will I receive my payout?

We will check your submitted cards within 1-2 working days .

Once verified, your withdrawal will be processed immediately and you will receive a notification by email.

Withdrawal methods:
• Bank Transfer
• PayPal payout

Ankaufsätze ungegradete Karten

Ankaufsätze für ungegradete Karten

Kartenwert Ankaufsatz
5€-19€ 60%-70%
20€ - 99€ 65%-75%
Über 99€ 70%-80%

Sell ​​trading cards

Sell ​​your graded & ungraded trading cards, as well as original packaging items with CardCapital.