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Direct sales

Sell ​​your TCG items directly to CardCapital

It works that simply

1. Submit sales inquiry form online

Simply submit our sales inquiry form online. You can find it at the bottom of this page.

2. Get a free quote

After we receive your request, we will send you a free offer by email.

3. Submit item and receive payment

After you have accepted the offer, you can send us your item.

Once your submission arrives, we will make the payment immediately.

The fastest way to sell your items

Accept offer, send in item, receive payment.

your advantages

Fast processing

We usually process your request within 1-2 working days and check your submission on the day it arrives.

The payment will be made immediately.

Security and trust

By selling directly to CardCapital, you are relying on a safe and trustworthy partner.

Direct market price valuation

Your items will be valued based on current market prices. This guarantees that you receive a fair and market price for your items.

Instant payout

Benefit from an instant payout. As soon as your items have been checked and accepted by us, the payment will be made immediately.

Item requirements & purchase rates

Only a few requirements and top conditions.

Item requirements

Approved item types

We purchase the following items:

• Single cards (rated/unrated)
• Bulk cards
• Original packaging item
• Accessories items

Minimum purchase amount of €100

To sell your items to CardCapital, a minimum purchase amount of €100 must be reached.

Purchase rates

Bulk cards

Only English bulk cards are purchased.

Purchase rates per bulk card:
Common/Uncommon = €0.02
Rare = €0.05
Super Rare = €0.30

Items with a market value of €5 or more

Purchase rates per item (individual cards, original packaging products) measured by market value:

5€-19€ = 50%
20€-99€ = 60%
Over 99€ = 70%

Start selling

Fill out the sales request form.