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Marketplace sales

Submit items that we can easily sell for you.

It works that simply

1. Fill out the form & send in the article

Fill out our marketplace sales form and send it signed along with your items.

You can determine the sales prices yourself and adjust them later at any time .

After your items have arrived, you will receive a confirmation and a signed copy of the sales form by email.

2. Listing & CardCapital Vault Access

We will now begin processing your submission (2-4 working days). This includes creating product images and product descriptions as well as listing items for sale in the marketplace .

As soon as all products are listed, we will send you an email with the access details for the CardCapital Vault . In this area you will find a clear dashboard where you can find a detailed overview of your submitted items, sales figures and payouts .

Here you also have the opportunity to adjust the sales prices of your items yourself at any time .

3. Sales processing & payouts

Your item sales are now officially launched via various sales channels, supported by extensive marketing measures.

Once a sale is completed, you will be notified by email and can view the details of your withdrawal amounts in the CardCapital Vault .

Payouts are made either via PayPal or bank transfer , according to the information you provide in the sales form.

It is so easy

Submit items and receive payouts.

All-in-one sales service

Professional product images & descriptions

We create professional product photos and detailed product descriptions that specifically promote the sale of your items.

Rating of raw cards

Ungraded cards (raw cards) are subject to careful quality control in which their condition is precisely assessed.

This serves to enable buyers to accurately assess their condition, build trust and ultimately promote sales.

Listing on various sales channels

Your articles will be promoted far beyond our website by using interfaces to various sales channels. These currently include:

• eBay
• Google Shopping
• Instagram Shop
• Facebook Shop

Through this networking, we increase the visibility of your items and open up a variety of sales opportunities.

Marketing with advertising campaigns & social media

We rely on sustainable marketing strategies to market your products effectively.

Our advertising efforts include targeted advertising campaigns on various platforms including:

• Facebook Ads
• Instagram Ads
• eBay Ads
• Google Shopping Ads

In addition, we strengthen the presence of your products through regular social media posts to generate widespread attention.

Sales, Shipping & Customer Support

We take care of the entire process - from sales to shipping to customer support.

Payout via PayPal or bank transfer

After a successful sale, we will make the payment either via PayPal or directly to your bank details.

Transparent & professional

Benefit from the CardCapital marketplace concept.

your advantages

Statistics & management of your items via the CardCapital Vault

After submitting your items, you will receive access to the CardCapital Vault.

In the CardCapital Vault we offer you a comprehensive platform for viewing statistics and managing your submitted articles.

Here you can get real-time access to detailed insights into sales and payouts.

In addition, the Vault allows you to make price adjustments to your items at any time.

Fast processing of your submission

We will process your submission quickly within 2 to 4 working days to enable a quick start to sales.

Great reach for your articles

With our diverse sales channels and carefully developed marketing strategies, we ensure that your offers reach a large target group of potential buyers, significantly improving your sales chances.

Security when selling your items

We guarantee a consistently secure sales process from start to finish.

Through our secure payment transactions, we ensure that you always receive the proceeds from your sales safely and reliably.

Free returns on unsold items

For items that do not find a buyer within 60 days , we offer you two options: at your request, we will send them back to you free of charge at any time, or they will remain listed in our catalog - according to your wishes.

Item requirements & sales conditions

Only a few requirements and top conditions.

Item requirements

Approved item types

The following items are permitted for sale via our marketplace:

• Single cards (rated/unrated)
• Original packaging item
• Accessories items

Minimum value per item of €20

To submit for sale via the marketplace, we only accept items that have a sales price or market value of at least €20 . This requirement applies per article and not to the entire submission.

Sales conditions

Sales commission & sales fee

If an item is successfully sold, the following fees apply:

Sales commission = 12% of the sales price
Flat sales fee = €5 per sale

Example calculation of payout amount

We assume you have submitted an item that is listed for €200.

When selling, the payout amount is calculated as follows:

200€ retail price
-24€ sales commission (12%)
-5€ sales fee
= €171 payout amount

Start selling

Fill out the sales form easily and digitally.