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Sell your cards

Sell ​​individual cards simply and easily.

Here's how it works

  • 1. Get in touch

    Contact us by email and send us a list of cards.

  • 2. Receive offer

    We calculate the purchase price and send you our offer by email.

  • 3. Agreement + payout

    If the offer is accepted, a payment will be made and we will provide proof of purchase.

Conditions of purchase & preparation of offers

  • Purchase conditions

    • Card Condition: Near Mint (no damage)
    • Languages: English & Japanese
    • Card value min. 1€ - no bulk
    • Payout: Made immediately after agreement

  • Information for an offer

    • A picture of all the cards together
    • Card list with the following information: number, ID, rarity, language. Example: 2 x OP01-003 AA EN

Send request

Simply contact us by email ( with the above information and we will make you an offer.

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