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Condition assessment raw cards

All raw cards (non-certified cards) in the CardCapital marketplace are subjected to strict quality testing in order to ensure the most accurate assessment of their condition . It is important to note that our ratings are based on a thorough assessment , but cannot provide a 100% guarantee of consistency with ratings from grading companies.

The card condition is divided into the following condition categories:

Mint+ (MT+):
The card is in perfect or near perfect condition and there are no obvious defects. There are no whitening spots on the surface and good centering (50/50-55/45). May have microscopic printing imperfections/scratches that are not really visible to the naked eye. Grading companies will most likely rate these cards a 10.

Near Mint + (NM+):
The card shows minimal signs of use and may have small imperfections such as imperfect centering (60/40), 2-3 small whitening spots or spots, or 1-2 small very fine scratches visible to the eye. Overall, however, it is in very good, booster-fresh condition. Grading companies typically rate these cards a 9-10.

Excellent+ (EX+):
Cards in this condition show slight signs of wear, which are noticeable upon closer inspection. This may include light scratches on the surface or edges, minimal indentations, or slightly worn corners. These cards are still in good collector's condition.

Good + (GD+):
These cards have visible signs of wear, but these do not significantly affect the overall impression. Signs of wear may include moderate scratches, more noticeable corner wear, or edge wear. Despite the flaws, these cards are still attractive to collectors who don't rely on perfect conditions.

Light Played + (LP+):
Cards in this condition show moderate to significant wear including, but not limited to, scratches, edge and corner wear, and possible slight discoloration. These cards are suitable for players who place less importance on condition.

Played + (PL+):
Significantly used cards that may show heavy wear, including deep scratches, heavy corner and edge wear, and stains or other damage. Such cards are more suitable for gaming use than for collectors.

Poor + (PR+):
These cards have significant damage and show extreme signs of wear. They may have tears, large stains, water damage, or other serious damage. Cards in this condition are usually only of interest for nostalgic value.